THE PUPPINI SISTERS Christmas With The Puppini Sisters

Amongst the wilderness, which is what I call my iTunes music library, I have The Puppini Sisters – three fine, dandy ladies going by the names of Marcella Puppini, Stephanie O’Brien and Kate Mullins – jazzing up Wuthering Heights, Crazy In Love and Walk Like An Egyptian, covers of originals by Kate Bush, Beyonce and The Bangles respectively. And so yes, you may have gotten the drift – the Sisters primarily do and release covers, done up in 1940s-style of acappella and jazz.

And with this focused style in mind, there are limited grounds for improvement. It’s a head-or-tail tossing-of-coin situation with their music – either listeners get The Puppini Sisters’ style and like it, or it is the extreme opposite. And with this upcoming Christmas album release, the Sisters are unlikely to be gathering new fans, in my personal opinion, of course.

Featuring familiar classics like Santa Baby, Last Christmas and O Holy Night amongst the 10 tracks listed, it won’t be long before the Christmas-y mood will hit anyone and everyone listening like a tidal wave, and possibly brainwash one to head out downtown, to shop for gifts and decorations, even though we’re currently only into September and Christmas is a good 3-months away. Album’s opening track, Step Into Christmas, puts things on a feel good vibe instantaneously; but on the downside, the rest of the album sinks into a forgettable state, like how Christmas songs and albums these days often do. It is a sigh of the times – unlike older times when classics are truly born and remembered, from the likes of Madonna, Wham, Mariah Carey, to name a few.

Still, it is good enough background music to be playing at your upcoming Christmas house parties with your martini glasses, or in worse times, repetitive department stores’ replays – the horrors. But since it is for a jolly holly good holiday season, I will just let go of this judgemental side of myself, kick back on a cozy couch by the fireplace, and wait for Santa to hurry down the chimney – if only in my head.


Christmas with the Puppini Sisters will be released on 5th October.

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