One of the best Singapore pop releases this year comes from singer-songwriter Fym Summer.

The Luna EP is everything Power of Pop believes should be the main focus of Singapore music – songwriting. Not gimmicky electronic sounds, not impersonal cover songs, only straight from the heart songwriting is going to drag Singapore music kicking and screaming back into creativity and artistry again.

What strikes the listener is that Fym is confident enough to present her music with as little embellishment as possible – it’s mostly her voice and guitar and it works because her songwriting is so affecting and emotionally connecting.

The songwriting is so warm and natural – none of that fake ‘indie folk’ affectation, the songs come across as timeless and classic, without any possibility of sounding dated in years to come. Despite the minimalist production, each song sounds distinctive and unique in its own right.

From the melancholy “Here Comes the Train” to the personal “Me” to the dramatic “This Girl” to the wistfully gorgeous “Time”, the Luna EP (Fym’s sophomore effort) is a subtly powerful collection of gorgeous tunes from a masterful singer-songwriter that certainly deserves more attention in our local music scene and beyond.

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