It is indeed an exciting time to be a S-ROCK lover. What is S-ROCK, again you ask? Simply put S-ROCK is “Singapore Rock” or rock music that is independently made in Singapore. It is cross-genre and cross-nationality and intended by yours truly to create pride in our own music and not to marginalise anyone in any way. For precedents, think SGMUSO or S-LEAGUE. Well, that is my take anyways, NOBODY needs to adopt it other than me. So chill…

As I was saying it is indeed an amazing time to be a S-ROCK lover, not since the early 90s has there been such palpable excitement about S-ROCK. The EPs highlighted above represent the tip of the iceberg of debut S-ROCK releases from relatively new bands being made available recently. I hope to be able to review these releases on a bigger platform (TODAY, for example) so thus, over here at Power of Pop, take this as a sampler of what’s out there for those of you interested and intrigued enough to find out more about the current wave of S-ROCK.

ANECHOIS A Shadow of A Sound

Quite a bit of a buzz generated by ANECHOIS since its appearance at last year’s Baybeats. This EP (from June 2012) is still being discussed by fans and musos alike for its technical proficiency, indie cred and positive vibes. Rooted in jazz-prog and modern instrumental rock stylings with shades of pop and soul thrown in for good measure. It would be interesting to see where the band develops in the months ahead.


The band has expanded to a quintet since its appearance at the Baybeats auditions last February and based on this sparkling new EP (released on 31st Dec) has certainly found its voice. Very catchy modern post-punk/new wave material that will definitely appeal to fans of The Killers and Neon Trees. With excellent interplay of rock guitar/synths and a distinctive way with a dance rhythm (and proper marketing), it’s easy to see The Auditory Effect appealing to many modern pop fans.

ACHILOUS Parallel Lives

This is a powerful debut from this dynamic quintet – managing to replicate its feisty live sound on this mini-album. No mean achievement! Think of the songs here as a solid combo of emo, melodic hardcore and punk rock with the synthesized treatment on John Mahathir’s vocals as a knowing twist! A bonus comes with the final track – “By Uncertainties (Acoustic)” – proving the band’s  diversity. Inch Chua’s guest vocal appearance is an added surprise.


The ultimate sleeper hit band of 2011 finally gets its debut eponymous release to its growing fan base. Refreshing for its take on so-called old school styles – hearkening back to 50s rock n’ roll mixed with 70s power pop. Frontman Yuji Kumagai possesses one of the finer set of pipes on our little island and with the songwriting primed on infectious tunes and hooks, it is not difficult to get obsessed with Cashew Chemists’s way with a melody eg “What She Said” and “Road Trip”.

So… what are you waiting for? Buy the music, the merch, attend the shows and spread the word that 2013 is the year of S-ROCK!!!

…still there’s more…

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