There is a familiar, endearing (yes even enduring) quality about Rick Murnane‘s Wednesday Child. It is something magical that is rooted in the sounds of classic timeless pop music – birthed and nurtured throughout the golden age of the 60s and 70s. Murnane, with the help of his friend (in this case neighbour, Chris Collingwood of the Fountains of Wayne – who played drums and engineered the album) has concocted a fabulous collection of memorable pop tunes that recall the jangly, psychedelic folk-rock majesty of the Byrds, the Beatles and the Searchers, with a larynx that is reminiscent of both John Lennon and Roger McGuinn. Wednesday Child is the kind of musical treasure the card-carrying members of the Pop Underground spend hours obsessing over.

The songs on Wednesday Child are very much in the midtempo range, at times breezy but mostly melancholic and the perfect soundtrack for those wistful Sunday evenings as the sun sets. Tracks like “Tears Again”, “Any Other Town” and “Armistice Song” have the necessary country-folk vibe to keep things warm and rustic as the likes of “Damage is Done” and “Everything” up the ante ever so slightly with a dash of rock n’ roll heart added to the jangle-pop extravaganza.

You know how people like to complain that they don’t make music like this any more? Well, actually, Rick Murnane does.. so there you go…another essential addition to the Pop Underground canon.

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