There’s method acting and then there’s method acting! But when does it go too far? This documentary explores this issue without quite providing any concrete answers.

In 1999, comedian-actor Jim Carrey played Andy Kaufman in the biopic Man on the Moon (after the R.E.M. tribute to Kaufman). For his performance, Carrey won a Golden Globe.

But what many people didn’t know was that throughout the movie shoot, Carrey became Kaufman and never broke character. In addition, Carrey took on Kaufman’s Tony Clifton persona which only complicated matters.

Carrey is on board as well, giving background to the events depicted in the documentary. Sadly, Carrey comes across too many times as a tad disturbed, making the viewer somewhat concerned about his state of mental well-being.

Which begs the question – what does an artist need to ‘sacrifice’ to deliver his or her art? Is the ‘suffering’ part and parcel of great art?

Like we said at the beginning, none of these questions are answered and maybe that’s the way it should be. We just hope that Jim Carrey finds peace, Lord knows he at least deserves that.

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