Feb 012014

The Zolas

THE ZOLAS – “Ancient Mars” (Official Video)

The video was inspired by a story that captivated the world: the disappearance of Elisa Lam, who went missing nearly a year ago on a solo trip to Los Angeles. Although The Zolas singer Zach Gray didn’t know her personally, Elisa was a friend of a friend, all attending the same University, and he was immediately stricken when the LAPD releases the bewildering CCTV video. “Seeing that video really hit me hard. It’s terrifying. I didn’t know her but she was so much like so many girls I do know and care about.”

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ENGLORIA – “Gonna Be Late” (Official Video)

First single off new album, Evolver. Engloria consists of brothers James (vocals, guitar) and Brandon Stewart (vocals, drums), and began playing together in 2009, bringing in Michael Gleason on bass to round out the trio. This official video was self-produced by Brandon, who attended film school.

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ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI – “Dream a Little Crazy” (Official Video)

This video is a vibrant science-pop-trip directed by body architect Lucy McRae. The playfully experimental clip celebrates the epiphany in the creative and innovation process. A series of absurd machines provide the backdrop for an entirely edible DIY bio fab–lab operated by AIH frontman Cameron Bird (Dr. Bird).

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