It’s Ling Kai’s turn in the PoP10 spotlight.

1. Why play music? 

Its the only way to say things that cannot be said otherwise. 

2. Who are your influences?

Anyone who connects, like a fist to your face, with their music and words. 

3. What is success? 

I tend to have a lot of self-doubt and paranoia, so success is when I am happy with my work, with no reservations whatsoever. 

4. Why should people buy your music? 

They should buy it because they like it! =)

5. Who do you love? 

Someone else who is the exact copy of myself, as egoistic as it sounds. But he has his flaws, just like mine. Its weird that way.

6. What do you hope to achieve with your music? 

I really hope that people listen to it, and relate to whatever I’m writing about. They don’t neccessarily have to like it because I’m local, so as to support local music; but really like it for the music itself, you know?

7. Who comes to your gigs?

Anyone, from strange, lonely old men, to young, single office workers. Occasionally there are guys in skinny pants and girls with cool hair cuts; but they’re rare.

8. What is your favorite album?

It changes, but my all time favourite album, on regular rotation recently, is Aimee Mann’s Lost in Space. 

9. What is your favorite song?

Its Not, by Aimee Mann.

10. How did you get here? I have no idea actually.

Ask my mom and dad?  But I do know there’s only one way out of here. 

Ling Kai’s new EP, Honestly, is out now!

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