We have been looking intently at the modern pop scene for some time now, hoping and praying that somewhere out there, there is an artist who is able to take the musical elements of the past and make it sound modern, and pointing the way to the future. Well, finally we think we have – and his name is Gabriel Garzón-Montano!

On his debut album Jardin, the Brooklyn-born singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has taken on board the song craft of classic pop, funk and soul of the last five decades and married this approach to a laser-sharp focus on what modern technology and techniques afford artists in 2017, to produce a veritable modern-day classic!

Recorded at Waterfront Studios in Hudson, NY with analog guru Henry Hirsch, Garzón-Montano tracked drums, bass, guitar, piano, and synthesisers direct to 2″ tape, adding percussion, digital programming, and several layers of his own vocals to create a lush sonic environment.

An old school vibe that sounds incredibly fresh permeates mesmerising tracks like “Sour Mango” and “Fruitflies”, not only that but on songs like “Long Ears” and “The Games”, Garzón-Montano’s vocal arrangements are on a totally different level from what usually passes for pop nowadays. And what about the gorgeous chamber pop of opening and closing numbers, “Trial” and “Lullaby” respectively? Pop genius!!

Imagine a young Brian Wilson, Prince, Paul McCartney or Smokey Robinson working with the tools and toys available to artists in our modern times, and you might get an idea of what Gabriel Garzón-Montano has achieved with Jardin. The highest recommendation!!

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