Photo by Joanna Kwa

Aussie singer-songwriter Lenka‘s recent concert at the Esplanade Theatre was actually her fourth one in Singapore! Judging by the sizable crowd, there was no danger of over-familiarity yet! Lenka’s pixie like demeanor, her vibrant stage presence and her strong melodic songs account for her popularity and she had no problem with holding the attention of a rapt audience in her hour-plus set.

For me personally, what really worked was the way Lenka and her two backup musicians arranged the songs in an innovative mannersto keep interest levels high by utilizing various instruments and electronics and one barely noticed the complete absence of a rhythm section on stage. In addition, Lenka’s songwriting shone out throughout – with her knack of crafting memorable tunes (with 60s pop nuances) a definite plus in the proceedings. Songs like “Honeybee”, “Roll with the Punches” and “Don’t Let Me Fall” were my personal highlights.

Photo by Jonathan Kwa

Lenka and company saw fit also to include a lovely cover of “Mr Tambourine Man” for all the Dylan fans in the audience (probably just me!) and that demonstrated where she was coming from in terms of her musical approach – timeless and literate. But most of all, Lenka’s personality endeared her to a loving bunch of fans that screamed in unison every time a familiar song was played (which was most of the time!) and there’s no doubt that a splendid time was had by all. Come back soon, Lenka!

Thanks to Greenhorn Productions for making this review possible.

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