This Friday’s Other Sounds launch party at Home Club will not only feature local indie popsters Obedient Wives Club and Lost Weekend but as an added bonus will be the debut Singapore appearance of Melbourne rockers ScotDrakula who are bound to entertain with its self-styled “red-eyed” soul music. 

We managed to get ScotDrakula to respond to a couple of our questions…

What motivates you to make music?

Playing music is pretty much the only thing that makes sense. The rest of life’s activity is motivated by a desire to make more music.

How do you decide when a song is ready to be recorded or when a recording should be released to the public? What factors do you take into account in your decision-making process?

We don’t have what you could call a formal process for making these decisions. We try and record any time we get a spare second to do so. If we had enough time we would spend a ton more in the studio we have set up in Dove’s shed.

What are the main influences and inspirations behind your music?

The Modern Lovers. The Jesus and Mary Chain. The Cramps. Talking Heads. Thee Oh Sees. Ty Segal. Almighty Defenders. Iggy Pop. King Khan. The Pixies. The Violent Femmes.

Also, all of our friends who make awesome music around Melbourne Areca big inspiration. Having a such a dedicated and prolific scene makes us feel lazy sometimes, but in the best way possible.

Feel inspired by music that gives you that good feeling on the back of your neck and makes everything alright.

What do you you want listeners to feel when listening to ScotDrakula?

I hope they would feel like they can dance and sometimes sing along, and that they don’t have to worry so much.

What constitutes a good live show for you?

A good live show would include dancing, sweating, falling over – all of the above.

Listen to ScotDrakula below.

Thanks to Melissa Young/Other Sounds for making this interview possible

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