“Let’s kick off the beginning of a new era of music journalism in Singapore!” declares music blog Other Sounds as it launches its 3-month old website with a gig featuring Lost Weekend, Obedient Wives Club and ScotDrakula (from Australia). Certainly, over at Power of Pop, our hearts are warmed to see more Singapore music sites enter the fray and we look forward to Other Sounds living up to its promise! In any case, we are excited with the upcoming gig (Friday, 18th Jan) as it gives local music fans the chance to check out Lost Weekend, a new indie pop outfit! As a primer for the event, we caught up with the band to find out a little bit more…

How did Lost Weekend come together?

Lost Weekend was born from a mutual restlessness with tax-paying adulthood and a particularly vicious round of Beer Pong. We’re a scruffy bunch of friends who play songs to make life more interesting. For ourselves, and hopefully for you too.

How many gigs have you played so far?

We’ve chalked up just 2 full-fledged gigs so far. Other Sounds would be the 3rd, and our first foray into the bigger league i.e. a 100+ strong crowd if the Facebook event page tells no lies. It’s a huge leap forward for us, and we’re immensely grateful to Mel and the team at Other Sounds for giving us this opportunity. We promise not to suck.

What are your musical influences and inspirations

Rachel has a borderline maniacal obsession with Jeff Buckley. Arif has a posh streak and listens to Mozart on top of stuff like Radiohead and Red Hot Chili Peppers . Mark enjoys the pop sensibilities of Damon Albarn and Frank Black, and draws literary inspiration from Nick Cave and Philip Larkin. Manny sticks to the classics like Led Zep and the Police.

Any exciting plans for this Friday’s gig at Home Club?

Yes, we plan to strip Mark down to just his apple-patterned Vans shoes in celebration of his birthday. Everyone is invited to help… or run and hide.

Where can music fans listen to your music?

Check us out at our bandcamp:

Or Facebook:

The ‘sg’ is particularly important because otherwise, you could be diverted to either a western swing band from California, or a movie about an alcoholic.

What do you hope to achieve as a band in 2013?

Improve our song-writing. Bring bigger and better performances to a wider audience. Become better looking.

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