The Identite series hosted by Home Club has been a critical event on the local indie scene calendar in recent times. Organized by RSC (Rock Star Collective) the untiring efforts of unsung local heroes Amir Kadir and Razi Razak has been slowly but surely leaving a mark on our scene. For me personally, Razi has been instrumental in my re-introduction to the local scene in 2007, and I am still extremely grateful for that! Nostalgia buffs can check out my blog entry for this way back then.

I must admit that it has been awhile since a show has featured a more solid core of indie bands as witnessed last Friday 11th. The event lived up to its “Homecoming” tag as it was a night of comebacks and reunions.

That said, the fairly new outfit Achilous opened the night with a fierce set of indie rock tracks that hearkened back to the “old school” emo of Sunny Day Real Estate. Songs like “Save Us to Save Us”, “Eve Vary” and “Parallel Lives” (title track of the new EP) came across hard and fast, loads of power and groove. Issues like lack of dynamism probably needs to be looked at but overall, the band rocked!

For emo outfit Trella, this gig served as a happy reunion as band members past and present gathered together to deliver a strong performance that was high on the fun quotient. What the band lacked in distinct melodic chops, they more than made up for in showmanship and crowd pleasing entertainment. Especially at the end when the band and audience connected as one – in an almighty singalong. A sight (and sound) to behold!

Aussie singer-songwriter Gabriel Lynch toned down the proceedings with a heartfelt acoustic session, which served as a launch of his new 3-song EP, dependent state. Lynch’s songwriting was mature and incisive, his banter was humorous and colorful (sharing about premature ejaculation!) and his two-song duet with our very own Charlie Lim was sheer bliss. New songs “Another Apology” and “What Friends Are For” clear standouts.

New band Ben were next. The quartet consist of Singaporeans currently resident in Melbourne as the Singapore-Australia theme continued. Evoking the ‘post-rock’ stylings of Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky, Ben’s music was loud and heavy – its understanding of song dynamics being a definite asset. There is a palpable sense that the band is feeling its way around but there is potential here to be developed.

Finally, it was the return of The Auditory Effect. Having released an EP in December on Bandcamp, and now expanded to a quintet, there was a certain assurance that emanated from the band which certainly aided in the delivery of its post-punk revival material. Individually and collectively the band provided technical finesse, interesting tunes and best of all, rock n’ roll vibes to keep things rocking! Highlights included the vibrant “Choose”, the catchy “Angels” and the very danceable “Superstar”. Hopefully, we get to hear more from this promising band in 2013.

And so… PoP visitors, my recommendation to you is not to miss any of the Identite events that Home Club and RSC have in store for you in the coming weeks and months. These are exciting times for the local music scene…get on board…

Note: – This Friday 17th, Identite 8.3 (The Other Sounds Launch Party) with Lost Weekend, Obedient Wives Club and Aussies ScotDrakula. Not to be missed!




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