Sep 072014

TIME TRAVEL: in the beginning…

All that discussion about X-Men: Days of Future Past made me think about how much I love time travel in movies. Even though it can be a major pain in the arse somethings (in the wrong hands) but overall, some of my favourite movies have involved time travel in some shape or form.

My very first exposure to this scifi concept was in the 60s when as a child, I watched two seminal time travel films on TV. The first one was of course, The Time Machine. Released in 1960, this loose adaptation of HG Wells’ classic scifi novel by director George Pal is still one of the best time travel movies (forget about that awful remake). The movie ending played on my mind as a child and I remember not being able to sleep as I analyzed the movie over and over again. Brilliant. Here’s a video review of the DVD below.

The 2nd movie is less well known perhaps but it had a similar impact on me. It was called Time Travelers and was made in 1964. The key plot point of this movie was that as the time travelers endeavor to change the future, they make an error and are doomed to replay the entire sequence of events endlessly! This ending really fucked with my young mind! Again, I remember not being able to sleep after watching Time Travelers. Found this video online, where we are given a speeded up version of the events such that the entire movie is played in three minutes. Excellent!

Will be covering some more of my favorite time travel movies in the days and weeks to come. Stay tuned!

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