Why does The Orville even exist?

Seth MacFarlane’s blatant parody of the Star Trek franchise fails even as a parody. After all, Galaxy Quest had ready said everything needed to say about a Trek parody.

So why does The Orville even exist?

It’s unfathomable. As MacFarlane demonstrated in the risible A Million Ways To Die in the West, any movie of his that he personally stars in, tends to suck.

We love Family Guy and we thought Ted was great fun. But The Orville is excruciatingly awful. It’s main crime – there’s nothing remotely funny about it.

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The stories themselves are of course, filled with typical Trek tropes but every single joke falls flat. MacFarlane is a talented guy but his acting leaves much to be desired.

The rest of the cast put up a credible effort and Adrienne Palicki is always watchable. But it’s painful to see them struggle from sequence to sequence when there’s nothing to laugh at.

After we finished with the pilot, we thought that surely the rest of the series could not be worse. We were wrong. Our advice is to abandon ship! Pronto!!

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