Monstress writer/co-creator Marjorie Liu had been given an hour by the Singapore Writers Festival to deliver a so-called Masterclass for Writing in Comics.

While she did her best to provide the attendees with an understanding of the fundamentals, it was mostly a fan gathering.

Which was still great!

We always find it amazing to have anyone to do with comic books talking about comic books in Singapore because it is still something so surreal.

Once upon a time, like pop & rock music, Singaporeans have never considered comic books to be art but thankfully those days are long gone.

The best part was probably the Q&A session when Liu spoke about her working relationships with artists, Marvel Comics and Image Comics.

We especially loved her insights into Monstress, one of the most distinctive and ground-breaking comic books in a long while.

We certainly wished that the one and only comic book convention that we do have was more like this rather than a opportunity to hawk toys and showcase cosplay.

Thank again, Marjorie Liu and the Singapore Writers Festival, that was great fun!

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