Season 2

At the end of Games of Thrones Season 1,  fans were given the iconic image of a naked Daenerys Targaryen standing with three baby dragons having survived her husband’s funeral pyre. That final scene was the perfect icing on the cake for a very successful first season and set up great expectations for the second.

Now, from the standpoint of having finished up ten episodes of Season 2, I have the sense that the show has somewhat lost the plot or to be more accurate, has come up with too many plots that makes it difficult to follow even for a wizened geek like me, never mind a casual viewer.

However, if there was one singular theme that strung Season 2 together, it was war and its consequences as the new King of the North Rob Stark sought to take revenge on King Joffrey and the Lannisters for the death of his father. Apart from this main plot, there is a convoluted mess of sub-plots that keep branching off ad infinitium until it becomes rather hard to follow.

Virtually every character in Game of Thrones had an expanded plotline and most of them were not resolved at the end of Season 2. Which leads to the ultimate dissatisfaction that no questions were being answered and instead more unresolved questions were raised. Rather reminiscent of Lost, it must be said.

But of course, the final scene is meant to be the main cliffhanger as the Whitewalkers make their appearance (with rather poor CGI though) and everyone is supposed to go – “whoa!” but somehow the only response I had was “meh”. So overall a disappointment but hoping that Season 3 will resolve the hanging plot threads and bring the show back to the standards of that amazing first season.


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