More recommended listening @ Spotify! This week we look at obscure post-punk from the late 70s/80s that fans of contemporary revivalist bands might wanna check out…


A early 80s goth rock band that is best remembered for providing singer Ian Astbury the platform from which he would form Death Cult with guitarist Billy Duffy before finding success as The Cult. Listen to its eponymous debut LP below.

MAGAZINE (1977 – 81)

Howard Devoto formed Magazine after defecting from The Buzzcocks – probably the first Mancunian punk band. Magazine has been highly influential since their demise in the early 80s, and can count The Smiths and Radiohead amongst its numerous followers. The band released five albums but the debut Real Life is probably the one to check out first.

FELT (1979 – 1989)

The quintessential 80s indie pop outfit released 10 LPs in 10 albums. Anyone who is remotely interested in indie pop in 2013 must listen to Felt. Nuff said. Start with this compilation…

…still there’s more…

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