Feb 262010

Getup Merch is a Singaporean home-grown online store that imports the band merch people want (mainly imported band t-shirts) and also supports the local scene by selling music/merch from local/regional acts.

The folks at Getup Merch have organized a launch gig featuring a palette of S-ROCK bands who favour a noisier edge.

Details below -

GIG NAME: Commercial Breakdown

DATE: 19th March 2010

TIME: 5pm till late

VENUE: Blackhole 212, Singapore. 212 Syed Alwi Road.

Featuring -
Vermillion (Hardcore/Rock) –
A Bitter Affection (Emocore/Rock) –
Demura (Metal) –
My Precious (No-Core) –
20 Dischanger (Pop-Punk) –
The Atria (Alternative) –
Pre-order the tickets now from Getup Merch for $6, as it is going to be $8 at the door.
Get your tickets at the Getup Merch site.

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