How time flies! This will be the third year that Esplanade Youths and Baybeats are running the Budding Writers Programme with yours truly as (Tor)Mentor! You can find out all about the details here. In particular, take note of the following copy –

“…you will be rewarded with exclusive guidance and affection of your mentor Kevin Mathews…” Wait! It’s not what you think (or maybe it is…) haha that’s a heck of a lot to live up to!

But seriously, boys and girls, what’s the story? Eight young budding writers get the chance to cover Baybeats 2013 in all its glory and more! What more? Well, you also get to work at Power of Pop as well!  Which means the possibility of covering some of the numerous live shows in Singapore as well as attending press cons featuring foreign acts and maybe some other surprises…

Sound good to you? Closing date is 7th Dec 2012.

Please direct all applications and enquiries to [email protected] or call 6828 8330. All applicants should include your full name, email address, contact number, as well as current school, course and level of study in your email.

We look forward to embracing you as our budding writer! Metaphorically only, of course 🙂

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