Tim Furnish
Tim Furnish

This is the kind of alt-country that HBO usually utilises for one of its darker series. You know, like True Detective.

After an absence of a decade, Freakwater – which revolves around the singer-songwriter duo of Catherine Irwin and Janet Beveridge Bean – have returned with a new album that proves that Irwin and Bean are still able to reach deep into their souls to deliver arcane magicks.

Highlights include gems of Gothic Americana like “What the People Want”, “Down Will Come Baby” and “Falls of Sleep” as well as more rustic charmers like “The Asp and the Albatross”, “Velveteen Matador” and “Number One with a Bullet”.

The recordings and performances are raw and spontaneous, there is nothing contrived about Scheherazade.

This is authentic country-soul that is honest and life-affirming with more than a tinge of rock ’n’ roll attitude for good measure.