Another Friday, another Identite presented by Home Club and RSC. On 25th January, The Livid Sun, Xingfoo&Roy and Deon Toh take to the stage for the Big Night Out Launch Party. We managed to get hold of Daniel out of Xingfoo&Roy to respond to our queries…

What is Xingfoo&Roy?

Xingfoo&Roy is a band comprised of three boys, Gabriel, Jeremy and Daniel. We’ve been playing together since early 2011 and have been writing music ever since. The reason why we love to write music is because we’d like to share our views on certain subjects in the form of musical expression. The name came about from a short story Gabriel wrote about two characters. Xingfoo and Roy. We also decided on the name, as it was a reference to Sigfred and Roy, the magicians. We wanted a local sounding band name as well feel that many local band are trying to sound western. Got to stick to your roots man.

What do you feel about the local music scene in Singapore?

I feel that the local music scene has progressed quite a lot since I first started listening to local bands when I was like 8. Things such as Baybeats and Noise festival give Singaporean bands a much larger platform to showcase their talents. Also the government seems more supportive of the arts. Which is nice.

Where do you seek inspiration from?

Usually from the unique things we notice happening around us. An example is our EP, which is named Mating Season. It’s about how humans might not be as evolved as we think. An example is the comparison between animals having a ‘Mating Season’ and human’s equivalent being ‘getting horny’. All the songs in our album are about human nature and the things that we do but not realize. Our song Great Wide Open is about children having big dreams about their future occupations but not knowing all the details of that occupation and eventually not doing what they intended to.

How do you feel about playing for Homeclub’s Identite?

I feel very excited! So does the rest of Xingfoo&Roy. We’re just nervous that we’d make mistakes. We can’t wait to let everyone listen to our new song chapters.

Any future plans for Xingfoo&Roy?

We’re currently planning to finish recording our 6 track EP Mating Season then finish writing all the rest of our songs for our first album Digital Native and start recording for that! We’re also always looking for gigs to play to share our music with the rest of the world.


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