Westworld Season 4 Episode 8

Westworld Season 4 Ep8 is the eighth (and final) instalment of the fourth season of an American dystopian science fiction television series created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. The first two seasons were loosely based on Michael Crichton’s Westworld movie where android hosts in a Western theme park rebelled against their human masters. The third season explored the world in which this theme park were set in, thereby rendering the title irrelevant. At the end of which, the status quo of the world had been altered when Rehoboam, the A.I. that controlled and ordered the world was destroyed.


Entitled “Que Sera Sera”, Westworld Season 4 Ep8 brings us full circle with the characters and concepts introduced in the first three seasons. Finally, the mystery of Christina is revealed in detail. As suspected, Christina is another version of Dolores, created by Hale – also another variant of Dolores – but existing in a virtual world through which Christina’s story writing ‘controlled’ the real world.

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Westworld Season 4 Ep8 reveals that Christina’s virtual world was part of Hale’s plan for the next step in evolution for the Hosts. However, the main flaw of that plan was creating a host duplicate of William, the Man in Black. The William host retained so much of the original William in him that it was impossible for him not to resist Hale’s scheme and edge the real world into chaos, disaster and destruction. In the end, proving William’s own opinion that the Hosts are no better than their human creators.

However, we discover that there is enough of Dolores in Christina for her to find a way out of the virtual world by creating a reflection of Teddy to help her snap out of that unreality and return to being Dolores. In the very end, there are deaths galore as Hale, William, Arnold, Stubbs and Caleb all seem to pass. But of course, this is Westworld and resurrecting androids is not much of an issue, is it?

Westworld Season 4 Ep8 brings us full circle as Dolores returns to a virtual duplicate of Westworld where it seems the story begins anew again, with a new test for hosts and mankind, this time of Dolores’ own making. Guess we will have to wait for Season 5 to find out! Recommended.

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