Jun 092013

One more for the road. Stephen Wavves talks to us about the upcoming gig at Zouk with Mum and Shelves.

What is the first thing you’re gonna do when you arrive in Singapore?
Eat eat eat eat

What is the one fact that you do know about Singapore?
Singapore has a reputation of having incredibly strict policies….particularly regarding behavior. So we all have to watch ourselves and not get arrested.

What can fans expect from your performance in Singapore?
Our shows usually are pretty high energy. Lots of kids moshing and stagediving. The more the crowd gets into it the more we get into. We feed off the energy of each other.

What are you most looking forward to in Singapore?
Other than meeting the people who have common interests….its gotta be eating. I’m fat.

Do you have a message for your fans in Singapore?
Come say hi and bring us sweet Singaporean treats.

Tickets are available now on at $80.
Doors open 7:30pm.

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