Watchmen Episode Two - the title

As mentioned in the review of the pilot, the problem with HBO’s Watchmen series is that while it is well written and well acted, the connections to the original Watchmen graphic novel are tenuous and tacked on for branding purposes only. Well, at least in the pilot. But what about Watchmen Episode Two?

Watchmen Episode Two extends the aforementioned superficial connection by following the narrative beats of the first two chapters of the graphic novel with liberal usage of flashbacks, for example.

Watchmen Episode Two - the death of Judd Crawford

The murder of Judd Crawford (Don Johnson) mirrors the death of the Comedian while the discovery by Angela Abar (Regina King) that Crawford might have been a KKK member reminds us of the manner in which Rorschach found out that the murdered Edward Blake was in reality, the Comedian.

Watchmen Episode Two - the quintessential everyman newspaper stand.

Not to mention the bustling newspaper stand (in 2019?) which was introduced as a staple in the original in issue #3. Hopefully, the series will explain why newspaper stands (and not the internet) is the prime source of news in this universe.

Watchmen Episode Two - Angela discovers a KKK costume in Judd's closet.

Thus, this Watchmen series becomes a murder mystery, just like the original story with the Comedian’s death. But this is more than a simple whodunit as it is revealed that there is much to learn about the personal history of Angela Abar as well. Also, is there more to the Seventh Kalvary than meets the eye.

Watchmen Episode Two - Hooded Justice in the American Hero Story TV series.

Also, the Minutemen are featured in American Hero Story, a TV series within a TV series – remember the Tales of the Black Freighter comic in the original? – which highlights Hooded Justice, the first masked vigilante in this alternate reality.

My resistance to this Watchmen series is slowly beginning to melt as the Watchmen references become interwoven into the fabric of the story and not mere decoration. Hopefully, this development continues in the episodes to come.

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