WandaVision Episode 8

WandaVision Episode 8 is the penultimate instalment in this streaming superhero TV drama series. Entitled “Previously On”, WandaVision Episode 8 – as the title suggests – essentially reveals to us the key events that took place before Episode 1. As seen in the previous episode, Agatha Harkness – a powerful witch – has been manipulating events behind the scenes in order to find out how Wanda Maximoff was able to create the pocket reality that has engulfed WestView.


If you have been following our blow-by-blow assessment of WandaVision thus far, you would be aware that we were rather let down by the first three episodes of WandaVision as the narrative seemed to be going nowhere. We had always felt that there would be an engaging story once we were able to get past the various sitcom analogues that Wanda was dialling through before arriving at the true core of WandaVision.

Well, WandaVision Episode 8 is exactly that – shame that it took so long for us to reach this stage. In that light, we reiterate that perhaps a better approach would have been to either drop all nine episodes at one shot – like Netflix does – or re-arrange the story to include these reveals much earlier in the series.

In any case, here we are finally, and Episode 8 is an absolute cracker. For diehard MCU fans, this is effectively the motherlode as “Previously On” fills in the gaps that we did not even realise was there in Wanda’s origin tale since she first appeared in Avengers : Age of Ultron. Suffice to say there are potential spoilers galore if we reveal too much and thus, we will leave more detailed comments to a subsequent analysis of the series as a whole.

We will say that Wanda’s status as The Scarlet Witch is finally confirmed and what exactly that means in the context of the MCU, especially for Phase 4, remains to be seen in the season finale coming next week. Don’t miss this! Now streaming on Disney+.

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