WandaVision Episode 7

WandaVision Episode 7 is the seventh instalment of this Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero streaming TV drama featuring Wanda Maximoff (the Scarlet Witch) and Vision. After the dramatic events of the previous episode – where Vision attempts to escape the pocket alternate reality of Westview created by Wanda, WandaVision Episode 7 seems to be an unwelcome and unnecessary pause to reflect and take stock of everything that has gone before.

This failure to move the plot lines forward seems to be a recurring flaw of WandaVision and a source of frustration for this writer. After being unceremoniously dealt with by Wanda, Pietro seems to have disappeared altogether! The lack of explanation regarding Pietro’s absence after prominently figuring in the last episode once again rankles as it seems that either there is not enough story in WandaVision to justify its nine episode count or this is the way in which the series generates tension and conflict.

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Conceptually, WandaVision Episode 7 operates as a tribute/satire of the sitcoms of the 2000s and this time it is The Office that this episode borrows heavily from, with its meta utilisation of character interviews. Sure, it is funny for as long as it is able to be and we like the fact that Vision considers the entire process ridiculous after not too long, much to the audience’s collective relief!

The reveal once it comes, at the end, is not too surprising as diehard fans would have suspected that somebody other than Wanda was calling the shots in terms of all the events in the series thus far. So yes, Wanda is NOT the villain of the piece as most have suspected but the revelation is rather lame and anti-climatic.

Hopefully, the final two episodes will up the ante in terms of pushing the story along. Enough is enough.

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