WandaVision Episode 3

WandaVision Episode 3 continues the Disney+ streaming superhero TV drama miniseries. As mentioned in our previous review, WandaVision is the first time Marvel Studios has spun off the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) characters into a TV series. Anyone familiar with the MCU – isn’t that everyone? – will be aware of its interconnectivity and perhaps that’s where WandaVision (so far) has held back in favour of a very fanciful storytelling artifice.

The first two episodes were presented in a black and white 4:3 aspect format as if Wanda and Vision were characters in a 195os/1960s American sitcom. There were little hints here and there about what was really going on beneath the surface but with the canned laughter, the period costumes and the forced comedic situations, the series played it mostly very straight.

All of which were either confusing for the casual MCU fans or incredibly boring for the diehard comic book geeks. WandaVision Episode 3, unfortunately, double downs on this as the series moves into the 1970s and now in colour. The main focus of this episode is Wanda becoming pregnant with twins and the subsequently delivery of the same. Much of the plot also revolves around the pair trying to hide this fact from the other characters in the story.

Once more, there is suggestion that something is wrong with the scenario – in fact, Vision expresses this sentiment for a brief moment but is stopped by Wanda. But of course, anyone who watched the series trailer would be keenly aware that the story is being told in a pocket universe of Wanda’s own making. In addition, as more clearly depicted in this episode, the agents of S.W.O.R.D. are trying to assist Wanda as she appears to be trapped in this altered reality.

Nothing much else happens in WandaVision Episode 3. We are more curious as to how – if at all – the events of this miniseries impacts on the wider MCU dynamic but considering that there are still six episodes to go, it may take a while before all is revealed.

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