It’s been almost 35 long years since John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison & Ringo Starr last recorded a song together as the Beatles. Since that time, the shadow of the Beatle legacy has been cast far and wide with no facet of modern pop music untouched by its pervasive influence.

The Vinyl Kings, an aggregation of session musicians & producers known more for their association with brighter lights than on their own, set out to pay tribute to the Beatlesque tradition and heritage with a gaggle of songs that echo with the resonance of the Beatles matchless repertoire.

Nothing new in itself, of course, as the likes of the Rutles, Utopia, Klaatu and most significantly the Electric Light Orchestra have produced magnificent Beatles-derived music that have thrilled and entertained in their own right.

Add to this list, The Vinyl Kings, a combination of pop music veterans who have produced A Little Trip as a project of fun – “born of love and respect” for the Fab Four. And by and large, the Kings do a bang-up job as they manage to conjure and evoke every single Beatlesque phase rather well.

Spot the references! “Don’t Worry About Me” sounds like “Things We Said Today,” “Here We Go Again” is Paul in a pastoral mood ala “Mother Nature’s Son,” “I Think I Know” employs the riff off “And Your Bird Can Sing” to great effect, “Leave This Town” is filled with George’s trademark Indian elements and you can’t mistake John’s stamp on “Mind Over Matter.”

That said, what are the Beach Boys doing in “Bang Bang”? Whatever, it is a fun whimsical ditty in any case! Discerning pop fans won’t complain, I’m sure.

In fact, not much to quibble about A Little Trip for frequent Power of Pop visitors, get yourself down to -- a splendid time is guaranteed for all! B+