Who’s Not Forgotten – FDR’s Tribute to the Who

Rock music’s debt to The Who is never in doubt so tributes to Pete, Roger, John and Keith are not rare occurrences. From the jaded all-star Substitute (featuring David Bowie, Phish, Pearl Jam et al) to the String Quartet’s tribute to Tommy, the results have been varied at best.

So what makes FDR’s Who’s Not Forgotten a cut above the rest?

Passion - pure and easy.

There’s not much attempt to re-interpret the classic material on show here, only a genuine effort to pay tribute to music that is obviously beloved by the participants here. I mean, how do you improve on perfection – you don’t but you do your best to match the energy and intensity that made these songs so great!

And the excellent versions by The Lolas (“The Kids Are Alright”), Dipsomaniacs (“Bargain”), Bigger Lovers (“Glow Girl”), Jim Basnight (“I Can See For Miles), Jeremy (“Circles”), not to mention superb live covers by Pat Dinizio (“Behind Blue Eyes”) and Guided By Voices (“Baba O’Riley”) do just that and make for an essential tribute album, if there was ever such a thing.

And should you need another compelling reason to pick this up, the proceeds will benefit H.E.A.R. (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers).

You better you bet! A