TRUE LOVE I Was Accident (Not Lame)

Here’s a radical concept – a power rock trio that has three singers and three songwriters and NO frontmen! Democracy gone berserk? Perhaps, but for Hoboken’s True Love viz. Ray Kubian, Keith Hartel and the Squirrel (don’t ask) it seems to work.

And how! The crucial moment when the guitars overdrive into dangerous levels whilst three part harmonies assault from the skies on the opening “Burning Rubber” announce True Love’s search and destroy power pop mission. Let’s just say that the boys don’t take prisoners.

Meaning I Was Accident is epic: big power chords, big melodies, big licks & big harmonies – in other words, sheer power pop heaven.

How can anyone argue with the wondrous jangle-pop quality of “Mr. Sad” or the deceptively sanguine “Ilovegirlswholoverockandroll” or the sludgy driving tour-de-force that is “Heartache to Come” or the soft pop tangent of “Don’t Mean Anything”?

Throw in the Elvis (Costello, that is) suggesting “Service of the Knife” and the Cheap Trick inspired “Riot Helmet” and the picture is complete.

Yet another essential purchase from those power pop experts, Not Lame, I Was Accident is a worthy addition to the canon. A