Finally, it’s showtime for DEON in Tokyo – share the experience!

I’m writing to you from the stairs of our house (accommodation) right now. I’m also writing from a place that hovers between fatigue and a great sense of satisfaction. The band and I have just returned from our show at MOON ROMANTIC, and we had a great time performing to a really receptive audience. I didn’t manage to write yesterday mainly cause, I was physically unable to do so. I was just too knackered.

Over the past two days, we played our first shows in Tokyo. First at Shibuya @ The Game, and today, we performed at the beautiful MOON ROMANTIC. Both crowds were amazing and we spent hours after the performances talking to bands and audiences alike.

I’m still extremely new to the performance culture in Japan so there’s a heightened sense of anxiety before each show. The adrenaline that rushes through my body taps into some unknown source of emotions and energy, morphing me into a metaphorical Pikachu. Electrifying. Hah, self praise is no praise, I know. I kid. But. Yesterday, I head-banged harder than a woodpecker, I actually strained my neck. More importantly, the band and I try to give it all for every single show, and leave everything on stage. I could hardly breathe after the first show.

The performance standards in Japan are so high. So damn high. Everyone’s merchandise and antics game is so strong. And everyone is so courteous during their soundcheck sessions. The tech crew is fast, efficient, and each member has an extra pair of arms which makes this possible. The lighting crew for both venues have gotten the mood and lighting for our songs spot on, despite us only giving them lighting specifications hours before the show. Mr. Leonard Soosay has been doing our sound with the assistance of Martin Kong for our shows, so I can’t give a fair assessment of how their sound engineers might adapt to our performances; but from what we have been hearing from other bands thus far, their sound engineers seem skilful as well.

Oh behalf of the band, I dare say we have been having a great time interacting with other music acts and performing our hearts out. There’s a whirlwind of emotions that accompany each performance, but every night ends well (so far). If you’re a Singapore band toying with the idea of coming out to Japan, don’t wait lah. Find an opportune moment and seize the day. 

Goodnight world.

Oh yes, tomorrow we play at Mona Records at 9:30pm. Come see us play if you’re in town.

Goodnight! šŸ™‚