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The final rehearsal before our run of shows start in Japan was quite an experience. While getting out of Shibuya station, I thought to myself, “I’m probably gonna feel a little stressed out about tomorrow’s performance, and be very tense; I’ve gotta let loose”. But as we stepped into the rehearsal studios, I was honestly too distracted (in a positive way) to harbour that thought.

We went to Noah Studio for our rehearsals. It’s the most beautiful studios I’ve ever stepped in, fully equipped with well maintained gear, attentive staff, clean toilets, and beautifully treated rooms – all located within this pristine and dust-free facility.

Needless to say, the band had a great time rehearsing there, though more than half of us were fighting through fatigue. If you’re a Musician, and if you some spare time in Tokyo, PLEASE go check out their rehearsal studios. I could go on and on about the studio’s extensive inventory of top gear available for loan, or about how reasonably priced the session was, or about how every piece of gear was well maintained/polished/functioning, or about how efficiently our rehearsals went due to no malfunctioning equipment, but I shan’t.

Oh yes. 15 minutes before our booking was up, a light started flashing in the room to remind us to wrap up our session on time. No Uncle knocking on our door to flash us the ‘last song’ sign. Can’t help but feel that my previous post’s point about Japanese efficiency was made more relevant. Anyways.

Tomorrow we gig. Can’t wait.