Any Given Day

Aussie pop singer-songwriter Tim Reid is firmly of the Paul McCartney School. With his romantic melodies and poignant sentimentalities, not to mention his focus on rustic folksy elements, his pleasing easy listening style bears certain similarities with Eric Carmen, David Gates, Eric Stewart, Glenn Tillbrook and most significantly, Neil Finn.

Built around the breezy strumming of his acoustic guitar, the enjoyable songs on show here highlight Reid’s way with a memorable tune and turn of phrase. Thus, tracks like the languorous albeit charming “Love With You,” the slightly muted “Unstable,” the thoughtful “World’s That’s Made For Two,” the wistful “Two Left Feet” and the infectious “Any Given Day” will, given time and opportunity, worm their way into the consciousness of any self-respecting lover of quality pop music, and stay there for a long while. B+