TIM LEE Under the House (Paisley Pop) 

Even as erstwhile Windbreaker partner Bobby Sutliff has returned to recording with two excellent albums, Tim Lee proves with Under the House that the muse remains strong. As Lee sings in the opening “Keep It True” – ‘After falling off the face of the earth/Gotta keep it true.’ And certainly, Lee does exactly that, true to his country roots as these ten tracks can be best described as stridently alt-country. The latter-day Byrds, Neil Young, Steve Earle, Dylan & Tom Petty are significant signposts in Lee’s agenda with heartfelt lyrical expression a critical factor. 

Alt-country lovers will not be let down especially with such honest-to-goodness gems like the powerful “Skating Rink,” the winsome “Without Action,” the reflective “Just Another Day,” the flighty “Anymore” and the rocking “Highway Forty Nine” to enliven the proceedings. A wonderful comeback. A- www.paisleypop.com