I am going to be fifty-eight in about two months and am constantly amazed by how much pop culture changes every half a decade or so. 

A decade ago, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was not the behemoth it is now, with millions of young fans hanging on its every move. Superhero movies have conquered the box office, ushering in the ubiquitous ‘shared universe’ concept. 

For this superhero comic geek, it is always nice to have your tastes validated even if superhero comics themselves remain marginalised while the movies they inspired become global phenomenons. 

Unfortunately, on the music front it has all gone to seed. The music industry is basically about pandering to the lowest common denominator, as technological advances ravage the value of music. 

Pop music is in dire straits, completely surrendering any semblance of artistic merit in pursuit of the Almighty Buck! No longer do pop musicians try to be different, the goal is sound the same. Formula succeeds! 

Celebrity is an end in itself , with talent and skills no longer a pre-requisite to musical success – whatever that means in 2018.

Rock music continues to simmer in the underground although the mainstream appeal of Greta Van Fleet provides an ounce of comfort. Let’s see whether the cycle actually turns back to our beloved music or not. 

2019 promises to be the year in which the streaming wars hit fever pitch with everybody trying to eat into Netflix’s market share. It does appear to be good news for fans as more and more exciting quality content is announced on new streaming platforms. 

And that is what it should be about – quality content. Hopefully we can get some notwithstanding the dumbing down for the sake of the next generation. 

still there’s more …