I was a teenager in the 70s. Rock ‘n’ roll music effectively banned in Singapore during the ’70s. This killed the music scene that had thrived in the decade before. 

In the prime of life – late teens – there was no music scene in Singapore. Ditto in the ’80s – a decade in which Singapore was infamously dubbed a cultural desert. 

The first real Singapore music scene since the ’60s was the ’90s. That’s when I got a recording contract and released a couple of CDs but by then I was in my thirties, married with children with a full-time job. Not much one can do with that and music. 

So I have always been alienated from any local music scene that has come up since the ’90s. I missed the best part of being in a music scene in the prime of my youth. 

Every year as I get older, this alienation becomes even more pronounced. It becomes harder and harder to understand the mindset of folks within each sub-section of the music scene here. 

Thus, there is no longer any motivation to attend gigs or to meet up with young bands anymore – none at all. Which is fine, after being involved in the music scene for the last decade or so, it was inevitable that the scene would outgrow me and vice versa. 

It’s all about film for me now. For the foreseeable future. 

still there’s more …