Yes, this review of the Other Sounds launch party is a little late. Yes, I had loads of fun with friends and new acquaintances, not to mention the delivery of good good music. What else do you need to know?

Upfront let me just say that congratulations are in order to Other Sounds for hosting a fabulous party. I mean, the food was simply yummy and even though I had dinner before I came, I still managed to polish a couple of burgers and pizza slices. So kudos! And… the free flow alcohol, courtesy of Asahi was much welcomed as well. Is the indie music scene coming of age. Step by step, in the right direction.

Lost Weekend

First up, we had Lost Weekend and it was so satisfying to see the group bounce back from the Baybeats Auditions disappointment. Mind you, it took the band a little time to warm up a little but once the band played new tune “Wild Ones”, the members (viz Rachel, Ariff, Mark and Manny) clicked into gear and really got motoring. There is a raw naivete about Lost Weekend that I cannot quite decide whether is a plus or minus but at the moment, it’s a quality that is keeping things intriguing  Hope to see more of Lost Weekend in the months ahead.

Obedient Wives Club

Obedient Wives Club is slowly becoming an institution in the S-ROCK scene. Each performance seems like an incremental leap into new territory. The new material from upcoming Murder Kill Baby EP is sounding assured and on stage the personas are beginning to solidify. OWC has always had visual appeal in its corner and now the music is really beginning to start living up to all the hype (“Murder Kill Baby”, “Requiem for a Lover” & “Razor Wire Love Song” especially). Which is a extremely good sign!

ScotDrakula closed the party with a rollicking set. The Aussie trio delivered short bursts of kinetic hillbilly garage punk. The bluesy hooks rang out and its fuzzy logic suited its lo-fi approach. The crowd took a little time to loosen up to the band but as the set wore on, there was no mistaking the love that flowed all around. And with a raucous encore (a cover of The Velvet Underground’s “Waiting For the Man”), the night of thrills and spills was brought to an end.

A splendid time was had by all.

Thanks to Amir Kadir/Home Club and Melissa Yong/Other Sounds for making this review possible. Photographs courtesy of Donald Soh.