The Music Industry is Dead

Regular visitors to the Power of Pop would have noticed a shift in content focus, from music to film and TV. Bottom line, I really believe that the music industry is dead and it gets really depressing to write about music nowadays. So I try not to.

This hurts me more than you can imagine cuz not only am I a music obsessive but I am a singer-songwriter, composer and musician as well. But I just cannot bear to write about music anymore because it is so painful to see how shitty the music industry is right now.

I wrote an opinion piece recently that music is dead giving some historical perspective as to how music ended up in the shit place that it finds itself in. I will not go through those depressing points again but suffice to state that it is enough to drive anyone to deep manic depression.

So, it gets very difficult when folks send me music to write about. And there’s still a lot of great new music out there. But seriously, what’s the point? Nobody in the real world gives a fuck about music anymore so why bother.

The real action is in film and TV. Well, streaming video to be accurate. That’s where folks now discover music and then hop over to Spotify and/or Youtube to listen to that music for free.

Fortunately for the music makers in question, they were paid by film/TV producers to have their music available so that interested parties might be able to listen to the music for free and make good money for Spotify and Youtube.

For fuck’s sake, this is the shit show that music makers find themselves in right here, right now. Cuz like it or not, the music industry is dead!

So to everybody who has sent me music to review, please forgive me for failing to write about your music. I am still trying to figure out how to make sense of writing about music anymore. I’ll let you know if I ever find out. Peace.

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