The Mandalorian S02E03

The Mandalorian S02E03 is destined to be a fan-favourite episode of this popular Disney+ series. Entitled “The Heiress”, The Mandalorian S02E03 introduces the live-action version of Bo-Katan (played by Katee Sackhoff), from The Clone Wars animated series. Bo-Katan is of the Mandalorian Clan Kryze and plans to reclaim Mandolore from the fallen Empire.

The Mandalorian S02E03

Din Djarin’s encounter with Bo-Katan and her colleagues sets up two sub-plots. One, that Djarin is actually part of a splinter group called the Watch and two, that Bo-Katan is desirous of recovering the Dark Saber from Moff Gideon – which was revealed at the end of Season 1.

The Mandalorian S02E03

How these sub-plots develop during the course of Season 2 remains to be seen. After all, the primary quest that is driving Djarin is returning the Child to the Jedi. By the end of The Mandalorian S02E03, Bo-Katan points the way to Ashoka Tano, one of the few surviving Jedi in the galaxy.

After the somewhat under-whelming previous episode, where it seemed that the plot was not advanced one bit, it was good to have more meat on the bones for this extremely lightly plotted series. That said, the story was simple and straightforward once more. As usual, Djarin has to undertake a task in order to get closer to his goal, and this time round he worked with Bo-Katan and her group to board and take over an Imperial freighter.

No surprise that when there are more than one Mandalorian in an episode, the action sequences tend to go through the roof. This was the case with S01E03 at a similar point of the season narrative. It does seem that the series is following a certain story pattern. Certainly, for diehard Star Wars fans, it is always a thrill when ‘new’ stories reference established characters and lore and The Mandalorian S02E03 had that in spades, relatively speaking.

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