The Mandalorian S02E02

It’s fair to say that The Mandalorian S02E02 was a huge disappointment. After the reveal of the return of a fan-favourite legacy character at the end of the last episode, The Mandalorian S02E02 “The Passenger” simply went nowhere, plot-wise.

Simply put, Din Djarin – is given information concerning a Mandalorian conclave but the price for such information is a ride to Trask for a frog creature and her eggs. Along the way, things go wrong and Djarin has to figure out how to save the day but this time with help from unlikely new friends.

The Mandalorian S02E02

That’s it basically. There are two main action sequences. First, the Razor Crest encounters two Rebel (now New Republic) X-Wing Fighters and has to evade them and secondly, Djarin and gang are attacked by giant spiders.

Giant spiders!

Yes, giant spiders! Ho hum. I mean, how much more clichéd could the story get? Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and even Harry Potter had their fair share of giant spiders. Sure, the special effects look cool but there was nothing about these sequences that moved the plot one bit!

But I guess I should not be too surprised by how light the plot is in Season 2. After all, Season 1 was pretty much the same. Apart from a couple of episodes where the plot line was developed, most episodes are focused on one main event and nothing else crucially happens.

Is The Mandalorian continuing to be a reaction to JJ Abrams’ over plotting in Rise of the Skywalker? I suppose that from Jon Favreau’s point of view, less is more. So I presume that much less is much more?

As long as The Mandalorian provides fan-service – Look Ma! X-Wings! Giant Spiders – nobody really cares that the plot is paper thin. Well, I do. Waste of time. Comments at our Facebook page.

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