If you read my bio, you’d realise that I’ve done quite a few different things in my professional career. I’ve covered legal, human resources, quality management and teaching in the over thirty years since I graduated with a law degree.

But the one thing that I’ve always believed I was made to do was to write music. My destiny, so to speak. Song melodies and arrangements come to me almost naturally and it has never been a chore to write songs.

In late 2015, I decided to hang up my guitar and put to bed any delusion that I was a viable singer-songwriter in my late 50s. However, I did not give up on music altogether.

In the last couple of years, I have been blessed to have worked on some of film-maker Eric Khoo’s projects viz. the Ramen Teh film and the Folklore HBO Asia series.

I am glad to say that Ramen Teh – in its various guises as Ramen Shop, The Flavour of Ramen or simply Ramen, is beginning to make an impact worldwide as it makes its way across South America, Europe, North America and finally Japan in 2019.

Also very happy to report that Folklore begins its run on HBO Asia tonight and the Asian horror anthology has also been showcased at various film festivals around the world.

I composed the music that is featured in Ramen Teh, arranged and produced by Christine Sham. You can listen to the opening theme below.

As for Folklore, I composed the theme song, which can be heard in the opening and closing segments of each episode. The song has been remixed in a highly atmospheric manner for the opening and the ending simply features my original recording of the theme. Listen.

I would appreciate if you could support these projects when they become available to you. Exciting times for sure!

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