The Invisible Man is based on the classic H.G. Wells novel, is a remake of the 1933 film adaptation and also part of the failed Universal Dark Universe. Here’s our The Invisible Man preview.

In my opinion, there are a couple of factors which support having positive expectations about The Invisible Man.

First, the talented Elizabeth Moss is in the starring role. The actor’s profile has soared somewhat with two seasons of the popular streamer The Handmaid’s Tale. No doubt, viewers will be guaranteed at a minimum, a solid performance from Moss.

Second, Jason Blum – the successful horror producer of Blumhouse Productions fame is on board as a co-producer. Already, Blum has revitalised the Halloween franchise and there is no reason why the same should not happen with The Invisible Man.

Third, Universal have finally cottoned on to the idea that a successful MCU-type shared universe is an almost impossible task for them. Thus, The Invisible Man will be – unlike the risible flop The Mummy – a standalone feature! This I believe is a move in the right direction for the Universal monsters franchise.

In addition, based on the plot synopsis, the central character is not the titular character but his so-called victim and that changes the narrative critically. The theme relating to the abuse of women is also very relevant for the times and an interesting twist to the original tale.

The trailer looks promising as well in this respect and fingers crossed the movie will live up to these expectations! I believe that this movie can be a sleeper hit and reinvigorate this under-achieving IP assets for Universal.

What do you think of The Invisible Man preview, please let us have your thoughts in the comments section.

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