The Expanse S06E03 Review

The Expanse S06E03 is the third episode of the sixth (and final) season of an American science fiction television series developed by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, based on the series of novels of the same name by James S. A. Corey. Unlike previous seasons, there are only six episodes in this final season, which is a concern for all diehard fans of this beloved series.

Entitled “Force Projection”, The Expanse S06E03 represents the mid-point of this final (?) season. The episode also marks a critical juncture in the UN-Belter war as the Free Navy leader Marcos Inaro seems to suffer a couple of setbacks in his quest to defeat the Earthers. Perhaps his son Filip will be Marcos’ Achilles Heel, as the younger Inaro begins to publicly question and defy his father.

The Expanse S06E03 Review

Elsewhere, there are machinations afoot as reinforcements appear to be forthcoming on both sides of the war viz. Drummer’s forces and a Laconian ship from beyond the Ring Gates. Certainly, more surprises are in store in the remaining three episodes. Speaking of Laconia, the opening of this episode continues to tell the story of a little girl’s encounter with strange encounters with Laconian life-forms. Hint of stories beyond Season 6? Hopefully.

The Expanse S06E03 Review

The best sequence of Season 6 so far arrived thanks to an encounter between the Rocinante and the Pallas in the first direct conflict between Inaros and James Holden. Once more, The Expanse may be lauded for its attention to detail and realism when presenting battles in space. A contrast to the other significant space opera tale currently out there i.e. Star Trek Discovery.

The Expanse S06E03 Review

Again, there is a nagging suspicion that there is just not enough airtime to do The Expanse Season 6 any justice. However, based on the evidence seen in The Expanse S06E03, the folks behind the scenes will certainly do their best to ensure that no compromises are implemented. Thankfully, The Expanse remains the best scifi space opera out there.


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