Camina Drummer in The Expanse S05E10

The Expanse S05E10 concludes the latest season of the critically acclaimed scifi streaming TV space opera drama. Entitled “Nemesis Games”, The Expanse S05E10 ties up several plot strands as diverse character arcs intersect to present a very satisfying denouement for this penultimate season. At the same time, the season finale provides the perfect set up for season 6, which will probably see broadcast in 2022.

The main question that was left to be answered for The Expanse S05E10 involved the fate of Naomi Nagata, James Holden (on the Rocinante), Alex Kamal/Bobbie Draper (on the Razorback) and Camina Drummer (on the Dewalt) as the ships converged on Nagata’s position. The Belter terrorist Marco Inaros’ plan was to lure these ships to Nagata’s location as a trap, leading to the destruction of the Rocinante.

The Expanse Season 5

The season finale does an excellent job in ramping up the tension and the stakes for all involved and while the obstacles were great, the ultimate resolution is something that most fans would definitely be able to get behind. Including what happens to Alex Kamal. Considering the reported sexual misconduct allegations against Kamal actor Cas Anvar, the appropriate manner in which the producers handle the development of the character deserves to be acknowledged.

Thus, there is a bittersweet reunion seen in the final half of this season finale with the main cast brought back together to face the new challenges ahead in light of Inaros’ machinations and a new antagonistic element – seeded in the earlier Season 5 episodes – which brings about a fresh complexion to where the series will go, come the final season.

Which is a pity, as despite the critical acclaim received by The Expanse, its lack of commercial success and popularity has curtailed the possibility of bring the full and complete story of the novels (all nine of them) to the small screen. Hopefully, the creative folks behind this top notch series will be able to figure out the best way to bring it all home in Season 6.

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