Camina Drummer and Marcos Inaros in The Expanse S05E06

The Expanse S05E06 continues the latest season of the critically acclaimed scifi streaming TV space opera drama. If you have been following season 5 of The Expanse with us, then you would have found the narrative quite grim as the solar system slips into the chaos of war with the aggression of Marcos Inaros on behalf of Belter liberation.

S05E06, entitled “Stämme” i.e. Tribes, maintains the sombre tone of The Expanse for this season as the plot is revealed through the experiences of the Rocinante crew, still scattered from the beginnings of the season. Thus, the focus of “Stämme” is really on a couple of key players viz. Naomi Nagata, Amos Burton and Camina Drummer.

The Expanse Season 5

The strength and beauty of a serial narrative lies in the challenge to the viewer to piece together the parts of the jigsaw presented by the writers in each succeeding episode. With 75% of the season now complete, it behooves the astute viewer to figure out how exactly will our heroes get themselves out of this mess they find themselves in.

Camina Drummer - The Expanse

Nagata is still being held captive on Inaros’ ship and her life would have been forfeited if not for the loyalty shown to her by her son Felip. Moving forward, it stands to reason that Felip will be Inaros’ Achilles Heel even as Nagata tries to steer her son to the right direction and convince him that Inaros is no visionary but a narcissistic mass murderer.


Amos Burton is stuck on Earth with Clarissa Mao as the duo attempt to survive the fallout from Inaros’ asteroid attacks on Earth. Now, Burton’s fate also seems sealed on Earth and it’s hard to imagine him being able to be reunited with his crew. Also, though the asteroid attack happened a few episodes back, there seems to be no capability on the part of Earth to retaliate, or at least nothing we have been shown thus far. Obviously this will need to be addressed in the last four episodes remaining in season 5.


Finally we have Camina Drummer, forced to align her faction with Inaros, the person responsible for the deaths of her comrades Klaes Ashford and Fred Johnson – we deem it most likely that Drummer might also be instrumental in bringing about Inaros’ final reckoning.


So The Expanse S05E06 was a bit of a transitional instalment but we fully expect for plot threads to begin the process of resolution very soon. The anticipation is killing us! Highly recommended!

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