The Expanse S05E03

The Expanse S05E03 continues the new season narrative for the highly acclaimed scifi space opera streaming TV drama series. Entitled “Mother”, The Expanse S05E03 focuses on key character plot events as they impact on the underlying new season narrative – Marco (Keon Alexander) Inaros’ devious plan to attack Earth with stealth asteroids.

Of course, the title of The Expanse S05E03 refers specifically to Naomi (Dominique Tipper) Nagata and her quest to ‘save’ her estranged son Felip (Jasai Chase Owens) Inaros from the consequences of his father’s actions. This quest places Nagata’s life and liberty at grave risk without any hope of achieving her ends.

On Mars, Alex (Cas Anvar) Kamal and Bobbie (Frankie Adams) Draper continue their investigations into illicit weapons sales between Martian military and Inaros, which also brings along danger. Over at the Earth end, Chrisjen (Shohreh Aghdashloo) Avasarala is trying her best to convince the U.N. of the threat posed by Inaro’s stealth asteroids. AND back on Tycho, there is still the mystery behind the kidnapping of Monica (Anne Watkins) Stuart.

If that all sounds complicated, well to a certain extent it is. But that is a strength of The Expanse, as it demonstrates the depth of the narrative. However, in one respect, I do have some qualms concerning the direction of the storyline. And it has to do with the idea that all the various machinations listed above derived from one source – Marco Inaros.

Now, this is a character only introduced in Season 4 as an OPA operative and (minor) belter factions leader but suddenly he has the resources of a major villain and is able to execute his plans almost flawlessly? I am not so convinced. Or maybe the series has not done enough to show me how this is all possible. I guess that’s the job of the remaining seven episodes then.

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