The Boys are back for season 2

Not a full blown Story Analysis, here are my quick thoughts on The Boys Season 2 (Ep 1 – 3). Check out my Story Analysis of season 1 first.

Homelander threatens Ashley

Homelander is the prime character so far in The Boys Season 2 (Ep 1 – 3). More so than in the comic book, the TV series has made Homelander a more interesting subject. Considering the fact that he is the most powerful being on the planet, it is always the writers’ challenge to avoid turning him into a one-dimensional asshole.

Milk fetish!

Introducing his son, Ryan, into the mix (a deviation from the comics) humanises him somewhat and gives him a purpose above pure dominance over others. Taking a layered approach to his personality, the series presents Homelander as an isolated individual needing Ryan to assuage his pain of loneliness. A masterstroke!

Butcher’s psychopathic vengeful tendencies have been amplified by his knowledge of Becca’s survival. Now he is even more willing to sacrifice anything (and anyone, even the rest of his crew) to get Becca back. This makes Butcher as unpredictable and treacherous as Homelander, two sides of a dangerous coin.

Hughie and Annie remain on opposite sides (ostensibly) but share the same fate in relation to their discomfort in current circumstances. Hughie becomes increasingly dissatisfied with the state of affairs with The Boys which is exacerbated when Butcher returns at the end of Episode 1.

Annie lost her naivety completely in the first season and is now intent on taking Vought down from the inside. She is able to ward off A-Train’s attentions when her scheme is discovered by the speedster, displaying a cunning that demonstrates her personal growth.

Stormfront will play a big role in season 2

Stormfront is the wildcard in season 2. We get to see what a monster she actually is, at the end of Episode 3 when she battles with Kimiko and her brother, brutally killing the latter. Definitely brought in to stir shit up, how Stormfront’s relationship with Homelander develops will be keenly anticipated in the subsequent episodes.

All told, these first three episodes have upped the ante from the first season, with the gore and violence at an insane level, to say the least. Definitely these superheroes are not safe for children!

A clip from Season 2, Episode 1

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