THE BOYS S2 (EP 4 – 5)

The Boys S2 (Ep 4 – 5) have been released and here are my thoughts. Check out my Story Analysis of season 1 and quick takes on episodes 1 to 3 first. Contains spoilers!

These two episodes serve to develop certain sub-plots within the main concept of The Boys vs. Supes narrative. The Boys themselves have been separated by the events of the first three episodes. In episode 4, the team are apart trying to pursue their own separate goals but by the end of episode 5, this is a glimmer of hope that The Boys will be back together doing what they do best for the final trio of episodes.

What is more intriguing are the fractures occurring within the Seven itself. Certainly, Stormfront is the catalyst of change within the superhero team as she works on winning over Homelander to her agenda. At the same time, the other superheroes (other than the mysterious Black Noir) are making their own plans against Homelander.

Now, the series has reached a critical point in narrative. The fact that the Supes – by virtual of their powers – would make mincemeat out of The Boys without breaking sweat, makes any conflict between the two groups unrealistic. In the first season, The Boys only survive due to the intervention of Starlight.

In the comic books, The Boys had the advantage of Compound V and an elaborate blackmail leverage to stay the hand of Vought and the Seven. In episode 5, this story device is finally utilised by Butcher to stop Black Noir from killing them. How far that goes really depends on how Butcher and the gang are able to exploit any minimal advantage.

Tone-wise, the latest two episodes certainly do not hold back on the visceral gore and depravity of the most vicious Supes, viz. Homelander and Stormfront. Thematically it is clear that both represent the political and corporate power abusers out there in the USA right now.

Homelander is a psychotic narcissist not unlike the current occupier of the White House and Stormfront is a white supremecist with powers – what can be scarier than that? Perhaps that final scene where the two of them have super-powered perverted sex is the latest, most disturbing one that the series has dared to present! And I thought that Doppelgänger encounter in episode 4 was sick!

However, there is a nagging thought at the back of my mind that the writers have painted themselves into a corner. It is extremely difficult to see how The Boys could ever get anything over Homelander and Stormfront – if the path of the comics are forsaken – both of whom seem invincible. That is the dilemma and the final three episodes of this season should be compelling viewing.

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