Bandwagon Live presented – perhaps unintentionally – a 90s rock channeling show on the night of 16th October, with The Beths!

New Zealander band, The Beths, supported by Singapore trio BAD DOD, rocked the Decline venue with a sonic approach that echoed from time past – over 20 years, in fact. The 100-plus crowd – mostly in their 20s – relished every moment and got a vibrant mosh-pit going which reflected the high octane energy in the intimate room.

BAD DOD got the ball rolling with their authentic take on nineties Seattle grunge – the songs a vital mix of hard rock and punk aesthetics. Thus, while the riffs were hot and heavy, the melodic quotient was predictably light. The trio gave a good account of themselves, with their music reminiscent of bands of that genre, for example, Nirvana, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains.

The crowd were suitably warmed up by the end of the opener’s set and everybody in the room was primed for The Beths to take the stage. Supplemented by Tristan Deck on drums, Ben Sinclair (bass), Jonathan Pierce (lead guitar) and Elizabeth Stokes (vocals/guitar) obviously fed off the vim generated by the enthusiastic audience as they launched into the gig.

Starting with the song that named their debut album, Future Me Hates Me, the band lit a fire under the crowd and the room seemed to move collectively to the beat. The excitement came quick and fast. “Not Running”, “Whatever”, “Happy Unhappy” and the like galvanising the crowd into action, singing along, dancing, moshing and generally having an amazing time.

The Beths’ 90s-styled power pop agenda was in full display – catchy tunes, crunching guitars, pommeling drums and yes, vocal harmonies – all features of classic pop-rock songwriting from the heart and mind of front woman Stokes.

By the time, The Beths closed the night with their encore – “Little Death” – the audience were drenched in sweat, well satisfied with what they had experienced. Kudos to Bandwagon Live for organising this intimate rock concert – a rarity on our shores and one to treasure.

The Beths official website.

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