Once upon a time, the Singapore music landscape was chock full of alternative rock festivals. However, in more recent times, the ubiquitous influences of hip-hop and EDM have made their impact and have seriously eroded the integrity of alternative rock festivals in Singapore.

Cate Le Bon

Thus, it was with great interest that I investigated news of a fledging music festival dubbed The Alex Blake Charlie Sessions. Upon closer inspection, it appeared to me that this particular festival seemed to be a return to former attitudes with the added bonus of a welcome focus on a female-fronted festival line-up!

Charly Bliss

As it is, the first wave of announced acts appeared to lean heavily on bands with guitars, bass and drums – how quaint! Of particular interest to yours truly are a quartet of artists that represent a sound and vision that is decidedly out of step with current music trends.


The art-rock of Cate Le Bon, the power pop (!) drive of Charly Bliss, the fragile singer-songwriter ethos of Soak and the post-punk avant-rock agenda of Goat Girl filled me with optimism that alternative rock – such as it is – continues to capture the imagination of like-minded music lovers.

Goat Girl

Sure, I am fully aware that the next round of announcements will probably be of EDM and hip-hop artists but even if we are only left with the four highlighted above, The Alex Blake Charlie Sessions is a win for me.

Date / Time : Sat December 7th, 10am
Venue : Pasir Panjang Power Station
Tickets available now.

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